March 10, 2017

Great Webinar, Amazing Panel!

Another webinar "in the can" as they say.... I had a terrific experience early this afternoon after spending some quality time with 3 amazing guests. I cannot rave about them enough. We tackled through some hurdles, spent time in pre-production prepping, and it all came together in this one-hour webinar. I must confess, I'm still getting used to the mechanics of running a webinar. It may look easy, but there is so much stuff that one has to keep track of during the broadcast. I want to also thank our moderator Ms. Lani Catherine for her introduction, and my partner in crime, and in life... Señor Chen for stepping in at the last moment. During this webinar, we were able to cover the following topics:

Chocolate Ceremony
The Tasting of the 4 Elements Ritual​
Philipino-Catholic Wedding Rituals (candles, coins [arras], veil, lasso [sometimes rosary]
The Ritual of Handfasting
Whiskey Barrel Ceremony

If you would like a copy of the show notes, just click HERE. You will find a copy of the URL links, as well as a timeline that was used for the panelists to follow. Also, a copy of the Keynote presentation used in the webinar can be found HERE. My next webinar titled, "My Wedding Vows" will be taking place in a couple of weeks, on Friday, March 25th from 12pm - 1pm PST. I don't have a registration page setup yet (I should have that up and running by tomorrow afternoon); however, you can click below and sign up for notifications to all future webinars. Please feel free to give us your feedback on the comment box below. 

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