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Tasting of the Elements

In a ritual adapted from a Yoruba tradition, the bride and groom taste four flavors that represent different emotions within a relationship. The four flavors typically used are sour, bitter, hot and sweet. Each flavor represents the highs and lows that come with marriage -- ending in sweetness. Santiago will discuss how this can engage your audience and create a special memorable moment for everyone involved. 

Philipino-Catholic  Wedding Rituals

A traditional Philipino wedding ceremony involves several smaller ceremonies within in it, each with very deep spiritual meaning. Couples often include one or more of the following: a special veil, a cord (or lasso) and arras (coins). Elaine will cover the meaning and history behind each of the components of this cultural ritual. 


Handfasting dates back to the Celts. Nowadays, there are numerous handfasting ceremonies taking place. Whether it is a pagan ceremony, or incorporated into another tradition, this ceremony is the forerunner of modern day weddings. Chaplain Dale  will explain how this tradition is applicable across several different cultures and backgrounds.

Unity Ceremonies: Chocolate & Whiskey

The Unity Ceremony is used to symbolize the union of two individuals, becoming one in commitment. It may also represent the coming together of two families to become one. Although the Unity Candle is the most popular version of this ritual (at least in the United States), you may seek an alternative that is different, especially if you're celebrating an outdoor wedding where you wouldn't want to risk a single gust of wind snuffing out the flame.  Officiant Amber Baltz will cover two unique unity rituals that will be "wind proof" and perhaps 100+ proof. 

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