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Santiago A. Naranjo​
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Former Client Reviews & Testimonials

We met Santiago at a wedding exposition about a year before the time frame for our ceremony. From the beginning we established a rapport which really helped everything go very smoothly. Through all steps of the planning, he offered a lot of his time in so many ways to help us understand the entire process. He took us to see venues, met with us on multiple occasions, and provided an online forum for meetings that would allow us to view documents and see his notes while we were speaking with him. Santiago's level of professionalism is superb and a welcoming character which made it so easy for us. We hope to continue to maintain this relationship as he was such an important part to the success of our wedding day. I would highly recommend him for his professionalism, ease of character and judgment, willingness to be flexible, and overall positive personality. Santiago and his team are amazing! ... 

Jesse & Ray 

Santiago and his staff did  an extremely thorough job. They were very meticulous and went over all of the details for our wedding day (some of which you probably haven't thought about). Santiago has a great personality to work with that made us feel comfortable each step of the way. There wasn't a moment throughout the wedding process when I doubted his abilities. Despite this, he still exceeded our expectations during the rehearsal, and definitely pulled us through on our wedding day with his guidance, choice of music, jokes, and assistance. He meshed incredibly well with our families and friends and ensured they had a great time. He is one of the most organized people I have ever met: definitely someone I would recommend and have already started to refer to others. He was a perfect fit for us!

Curtis & Elle

Wow! Santiago and his crew did such and incredible job! He handled our day with care and thoughtfulness — coming up with ideas to make it our own special day! The parents and bridal party introductions felt personalized and unique! Santiago helped in any aspect needed for the rehearsal and day of! Between rounding up our rowdy crew, helping with our flower girls - some things non-DJ related - and keeping a wonderful flow for the whole evening with music and transitions! I have nothing but fantastic words for Santiago and his staff, personalized service at an amazing value! You can tell his heart and soul is in making your big day special - just like ours! Worth every penny! Highly recommended!”

Nick & Brittany

Santiago went above and beyond what we expected. He called us well in advance of our wedding date to discuss logistics, contacted our venue and other members of the wedding party to coordinate our ceremony and reception schedule, and responded immediately to each and every email we sent. Essentially, he acted as both a DJ and wedding planner. My husband and I had to plan our wedding remotely, and Santiago traveled to our venue on his own time to map out where our ceremony, tables, and dance area should be set up. It was extremely generous. We highly recommend!

Sam & Lily

Santiago was great to work with. He was very interested in understanding us as a couple and our family dynamics to ensure that things ran smoothly. He went above and beyond to make our ceremony memorable, including coordinating a pianist. He adhered to our preferences for dancing music as well and make a great playlist. I definitely recommend his services!

Jacque & Siri

Santiago was friendly and well prepared. We had several online planning sessions detailing the activities and set our expectations. After we met, he emailed us the pdf version of our meeting and then worked with us on the verbiage we wanted to use during the ceremony. He was timely and responsive to questions via email and phone and was willing to clarify anything we needed. He was also our officiant which was great! We definitely recommend Santiago..

Brian & Wai


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